Questions to Ask the Counselor’s or Psychologist’s Office:

Sometimes in the field of counseling there are counselors that want to earn extra part time money and are very part time. If this is the case, you want to know that. If she or he is a full time professor or MD and has a small private practice you may be in good hands. However, if they are not that experienced, beware.

Therefore, it is important to find out answers to a few basic questions.

Many times a counselor may be in session or not able to talk with you. Ask to talk with a secretary or other person who can answer the questions. If she/he does not know the answers, ask her to please find out and call you back.

Below are the questions to ask his office.

1.. What license does he have? ( before you start the questions read Types of Counselors)

2. What degree(s) does he have? Where did he get his degree?

3. Is he in full time practice?

4. How many years has he been in practice?

5. What is his approximate age? 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s ’ How long has he been married? What are the approximate ages of his children?

6. Does he attend church? What is his church preference?

7. Has he worked with cases like yours before?


If you get answers like part time practice for 4 years . . . He sells cars full time.”

Watch out. The point is to get the most training and experience you can afford. People go to a counselor for help with important decisions. You may not need someone with 15 years experience and doctoral level training but then again you may.

Dr. Ronald Trammell, Ed.D.
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