There are vast differences in training of mental health counselors.  The public does not know this.  This article is designed to educate you regarding the levels of training of counselors.

Even your insurance company may lump all counselors into one group and call them“ behavioral health providers.”  They may even use the term “preferred providers.”

Types of Texas licensed mental health providers:

Bachelor’s Degree Required level license

LCDC -- Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

Master’s Degree Required level licenses

LCSW --Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LPC-- Licensed Professional Counselor
LMFT--Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor

University Doctor’s Degree Required level license

 PsyD, EdD, or PhD --Licensed Psychologist

Medical Doctor’s Degree Required level license

MD or DO --Psychiatrist

 “No Degree Required” level certification

  • Therapists
  • Coaches
  • Behavioral Therapists
  • Palm Readers
  • Relationship Experts

It is important to get the most training/education and experience you can afford.

If you can, try to get someone with a license or who is at least in an internship trying to get a license.

If not possible to get someone licensed, try to get a seasoned Minister who has stayed in the same place for several years. 


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