The Christian Part
Why go to a Christian Psychologist? 
Are Judeo Christian values important to you?

If Christian values are important to you, take this quiz:  

1. What is a Christian Psychologist?

  A. Someone who just says he is.
  B. Someone who is not of a “foreign” faith.
  C. Someone who took a bible course in counseling.


A licensed Psychologist
  E. In addition to psychology training , someone with an
advanced degree from an accredited seminary school.
  F. Someone who attempts to live according to the Christian Way.
  G. Someone who incorporates Christian Principles into the counseling process.
  H. Answers D, E, and F, and G

(If you answered “H”  you are more likely to get one for a counselor.)

I believe in the Christian teachings contained in the Old and New Testaments.  I try to do more than agree to mentally assent to these teachings.   By the help of God’s Spirit,  I attempt to live by these teachings.  I believe in mercy. 

I appreciate and believe specific questions of doctrine should be answered through the client’s local church fellowship.  I have counseled persons of all types of religious beliefs.  

One of my friends quoted John Wesley as saying,

“ In the essentials of Faith have unity,  in the non essentials have freedom,  and in all things have charity.” 

I like that.

Dr. Ronald Trammell, Ed.D.
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