How to choose a Psychologist or Counselor

Many people including ministers and doctors do not know that a psychologist’s license requires more education than a counselor’s license.

Use the word “psychologist” if you want the professional with the most education in psychology.

If your community does not have a psychologist, look for a counselor or social worker with many years of experience. See our article on Types of Counselors for more information.

Ready to start your search? Try the strategy below.

1. Call some local large church offices. Ask for names of PSYCHOLOGISTS in the community. ( Also get names of counselors.)

2. Call your physician’s office. Use the word “PSYCHOLOGIST .” If you can not find a psychologist use the word “professional counselor.”

3. In the USA, if you want a Christian psychologist you can call 1 800 232 6459 ( 1 800 A FAMILY) This is Christian psychologist Dr. James Dobson’s network. The web site is

4. After you get some names, be sure to read our article on Questions to ask the Counselor’s Office so you will know a few questions to ask.


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