Office Information

Physical Address:

14359 Torrey Chase Ste. A 
Houston Texas 77014. 

: (281) 444-0767

Fees are reasonable
Psychologists fees are typically more than master level counselor’s fees and less than MD psychiatrist fees. More experienced psychologists charge more than “starting out” psychologists. A seasoned psychologist’s salary is comparable to a dentist or other specialist.  Typically they charge less per hour than lawyers

 The typical fee paid in private practice includes expenses such as building rent,  phone systems, utilities, CPA accounting charges, insurance, website, office supplies, computers, internet connections, staff salaries, benefits, and insurance,  annual costs of continuing education events,  as well as the salary, benefits, and the health insurance of the provider .

Some persons pay the fee out of pocket and choose not to use insurance plans.

They decide to skip the expensive vacation for one year and use the funds saved to pay for 20 to 30 sessions of counseling. Generally the results of life change last longer than the vacation memory.

Counseling Techniques 
Dr. Trammell has been trained in a wide variety of techniques.  Discuss your preferences (if you have any) with him at your first session.  You may try out a session or two to see if a good fit exists between client and counselor. 

We do not ask you to fill out forms for our office.  We ask you to allow 15 minutes of phone time for our phone interview process when you call for an appointment.  We will get your name, address, etc. during the brief interview. If you want to use insurance, have your insurance card ready to call out numbers.

At the office,  we will ask you to read  the standard Texas privacy policy information and sign the standard insurance paperwork.  Allow  10 minutes for this.  If you are an engineer allow 20 minutes :)


Dr. Ronald Trammell, Ed.D.
14359A Torrey Chase, Houston Texas 77014. 281 444 0767