Education and Training

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Approved Doctoral Credentials for Texas Psychologists:

PsyD, PhD, and EdD are the three types of credentials approved for Texas Psychologists. Dr Trammell chose the Ed D with it’s emphasis in counseling psychology.

Dr. Trammell is licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists. He also has the Health Service Provider certification.

To be a licensed psychologist in Texas one has to have his coursework, internships, and post doctoral experience approved, take a national exam, and finally take an oral exam. To receive the additional Health Service Provider designation-- the board again reviews qualifications and either grants or does not grant. He has been approved and licensed for several years (20+).

Before he was a psychologist, he was approved and had the master’s level licenses --Licensed Professional Counselor-- and --Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor. He turned these in when he began practicing under the doctoral level license.

Continuing Education hours have been certified in courses such as the ones listed below:

He does not claim to be an expert in content contained in all the below courses but the list is provided to illustrate additional training choices in continuing education.

Post Doctoral Continuing Education Classes/Coursework Completed include:

“The Process of Aging.” -- “ Insomnia and Sleep.” -- “Psychotropic Medicines Overview”

“Cerebral Mysteries--Impulsive Behavior, Cognition, and Learning Disabilities”

“Men, Masculinity, and Relationship: Critical Issues for Psychotherapists”

“Improving Wellness and Functionality: The Role of Atypical Antipsychotics”

“The Etiology of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence: What happens to the Brain”

“Sexual Desire and Disorders: Understanding Patient Complaints”

“Maximizing Outcomes in the Management of Anxiety”-- “Cognitive Behavior Therapy”

“Effectively Managing Bipolar Depression”-- “Memory, Aging, and Sleep”-- “Stress and Disease”-- “Clinical Psychopharmacology” -- “The Problem of Grief”-- “The Many Faces of Depression and Anxiety: Maximizing Patient Outcomes”


Dr. Ronald Trammell, Ed.D.
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