“I believe in the Christian teachings contained in the Old and New Testaments. By the help of God’s Spirit, I attempt to live by these teachings. I believe in mercy.”

“I appreciate and believe specific questions of doctrine should be answered through the client’s local church fellowship. I have counseled persons of all types of religious beliefs.”

--Dr Ronald Trammell

What is a Christian Psychologist?
(This involves more than taking a Bible course in counseling.)

Dr Trammell is a licensed psychologist who has an approved university degree in counseling psychology. He also has an advanced degree from a nationally accredited seminary.

Songs for Meditation
Violin with a message A great hymn A gospel song
Song about trouble Contemporary song The Lord’s Prayer

TIP: Try to enjoy meditations with several different styles of music. Pick up on the Spirit of the songs.

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“ In the essentials of Faith have unity, in the non essentials have freedom, and in all things have charity.” --John Wesley

Dr. Ronald Trammell, Ed.D.
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